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Choose your country: is a telecommunications comparison website offering local and long distance telephone service, unlimited broadband phone service, 1010 dial around numbers, phone cards and cell phone service. has their own rate comparison search engine and compares regular land line service and voice over IP phone service all on the same page. is a comparison website that offers local, long distance and international telephone service. Telebay also offers voice over IP broadband phone service, unlimited long distance plans and cell phone service from all the major cell phone companies. compares cell phone prices and plans, Voice over IP broadband phone prices and plans, local and long distance prices and plans and just about everything else having to do with telecommunications prices and service that are currently available online today. is a website that, like it's name implies, compares telephone service from all the major local, long distance, VoIP and cell phone companies offering service online. Compare prices and types of service on and save yourself some money on all your telecommunications purchases. offers cell phone plans from Cingular Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Nextel. Most of the plans offered come with free cell phones, free battery chargers and free 2 day shipping. Some of the wireless phones offered, also come with cash back and free Bluetooth headsets. compares family cell phone plans from Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel and Tmobile. Most of these companies offer shared minute plans that include 2 free cell phones, with wireless plans from Cingular Wireless including roll over minutes. is a cell phone comparison website offering cell phone plans from all the major wireless carriers, including Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, T-Mobile and Cingular Wireless. Offers cell phones and wireless telephone plans from Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS, Nextel, Liberty Wireless, Alltel, TMobile and Verizon Wireless. compares wireless phones and cellular phone plans from Sprint, Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Nextel and T Mobile. Cell phone plans from these carriers all offer free phones and free shipping, along with some cash back rebates, depending on which phone is ordered with your new plan. Check out right now. compares cell phones and cell phone plans. Most of the wireless phone plans offered by come with free phones, free 2 day shipping and some accessories. is an authorized dealer for SunRocket. Sunrocket is a residential voice over IP phone service that offers unlimited local and long distance telephone service in the U.S. for only $199.00 per year. compares internet phone service from all the big players in the voice over IP broadband phone service market. Compare service from Vonage, Packet8, Lingo, OpexVoIP, FonVantage, Verizon's new VoiceWing service and others. Visit today. is an authorized cell phone dealer and wireless plan dealer for Cingular Wireless. Most of the cell phone plans from Cingular offer free cell phones, free phone chargers, 2 day FedEx shipping and some of the phones come with cash-back rebates. offers cell phones and cell phone plans from Cingular Wireless. Cingular Wireless has become one of the hottest selling wireless phone services around by offering free Motorola RAZR's and ROKR's. Sign up today. offers cell phone plans from Verizon Wireless. Most of Verizon's cell phone plans include free cell phone chargers, free 2 day shipping via FedEx and come with a free cell phone. Order your Verizon Wireless plan from today. compares T1 service from most of the major telephone carriers. T1 service lets a business get high speed internet service and discounted long distance service all over the same dedicated line. offers web based long distance search engine software that compares long distance phone rates from all discount and major carriers. The software is free and can be used by any telecommunications affiliate or agent to compare all the plans they offer on their site. All the links include the affiliate's code, so they get all sales generated from the search engine on their site. The header, footer and colors of the results page can be changed to match the website of the affiliate. Most telecom sites increase sales by at least 20% by using this software. Sign up and increase you income today. (PS. Yes, it really is free.) has conference calling for less than 7 cents per minute per leg. If you need conference calling service for your office or just to visit with friends, has the service you need. offers web hosting from over 20 different web host companies. Visit today and compare all the best web hosting companies at once. offers international calling cards from the United States to more than 100 countries around the world. There are also many calling cards that work from international locations back to the United States that cost a lot less than using the local phone system to call home. - Providing comparison between cheapest international call carriers from UK
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