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Use your inclusive cross network minutes for international calls. Don't waste your free Inclusive Mobile Minutes if you need to make International call! To make international calls from your mobile simply dial.

not available at the moment, we're working on alternatives

You can use Top-up service for cheap international calls From Your Mobile Phone as alternative for now


Information below relates to discontinued service.

Free international calls from o2 mobile

not available at the moment, we're working on alternatives

Free International calls from your orange mobile phone

not available at the moment, we're working on alternatives

*In line with other operators, Orange have updated terms and conditions for a number of offers and promotions. Calls to 07744 and 07755 numbers are not included in bundle and will be charged at a flat rate of 20p/min. These changes are applicable to ALL existing Orange tariffs, both the animal range of tariffs that is currently available and all tariffs that are now removed from sale.

Existing customers : O2 are going to start charging 21p a minute for all 07744 numbers on the 1st on June 2006 for most users. This is why we now have a new service for 02 customers that is an 0870 number.

T-Mobile has announced plans to change the way it treats calls to 07744 access numbers. From 1st June 2007 calls to 07744 access numbers will no longer be included in your bundle of cross network minutes. Instead, all 07744 calls from 1st June will be charged at a flat rate of 12p per/min

If you are an existing customer using the 07744 number on 02 then please check with 02 to see if they have started charging for 07744 numbers on your package and if so switch to the 0870 service if your package includes 0870 numbers in your free minutes. O2 customers helpline number is 0870 241 02 02.

If you don't have an O2, T-Mobile or Orange mobile phone or you don't have any inclusive cross network minutes on your contract or have a pay as you go phone, you can still make really cheap international calls using your mobile using pre pay service. If you are interested and want to know more click here .

*Calls made by mobile phone contract users will utilise inclusive cross network minutes. When all inclusive minutes have been used, calls will be charged at regular cross network call rates (subject to individual mobile phone provider - providers 3 and Vodaphone will charge for these calls). Some countries are excluded from this service.

We recommend that you check with your provider before making calls:

O2 : 0870 241 02 02
Vodafone : 191 from your mobile or 08700 700 191 from a land-line
Orange : 150 from your mobile phone or 07973 100 150 from any other phone
T-Mobile :150 from your mobile phone or 0845 412 5000 from a land-line
Virgin Mobile : 789 from your mobile or 0845 6000 789 from a land-line

Please always ask the permission of the person who owns the line. Calls to this number are free to some mobile phone contract users by utilising inclusive cross-network minutes. Please check the availability of the number with your mobile network operator. Pay As You Go customers will be charged at their regular tariff. When all inclusive minutes have been used, calls will be charged at your regular tariff (subject to individual mobile network operator). Some countries are excluded from this service. Simply Fone Ltd, PO Box 20338 London NW11 9ZW


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