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How do I use dial through telephone companies?

It's easy to use dial through telephone numbers. All you need to do is:
1) Find the correct access number for your destination country.
2) Ring this number as you would normally.
3) Follow the voice prompts to connect to your chosen destination number
( Don't forget to dial the international number in full including the country code)

How can I check if prices queted are correct?

If you are calling from a BT phone, you can look at BT's Pricing Information Service to confirm the prices of calls to the specialized numbers used by dial through companies

How much is national rate and local rate calls at different day times?

Calls to 0845 and 0870 premium rate services are charged at the following rates, shown in pence per minute, ( inc. VAT )

Daytime   Evening  Weekend 
0845  3.00 1.00 1.00
0870  7.51 3.75 1.50
0870 09  4.95 2.49 2.00
0870 187  4.95 2.49 2.00
0870 188  4.95 2.49 2.00

Why am I unable to dial certain access numbers?

1) Some UK operators may not allow the access numbers for our service to be 'opened' up on their network. Some network operators are very slow at ensuring connectivity for their customers to the latest numbers in operation.
2) The phone you are dialing from may bar 090x or 091x prefixed numbers - you will need to confirm this with your telephone provider.
3) Some Indirect Access providers do not allow access to our numbers. If this happens, please omit the code (eg. 1833 for Alpha Telecom) from the beginning of the access number and dial using your phone company (usually BT for most of UK). If all your calls are routed through a 'smart' device or Telephone Plug Socket Device, please disconnect the device before proceeding

Can you give me an example of a complete call cost?

An example call to Poland for 4minutes and 45 seconds at 13 pence per minute charged (including VAT) will cost you as follows;
(4 minutes x 13 pence = 52 pence) + (0.75 minutes x 13 pence = 9.75 pence)
Total cost for the call = 61.75 pence (including VAT at 17.5%)
There may be a minimum call charge to consider if you are dealing with certain networks

How am I billed for the calls I generate?

The calls you make will appear simply on your normal bill from your phone company (BT, NTL, Telewest, Thus, Tesco, Homecall, OneTel etc.).
Please remember that the number you will see on your bill will be our access number, not the number of the international destination you called. So if you were calling Australia you would see 0844xxxxx, however, if you receive your bill and find an Australian number, you didn't use dialthrough companies to get there!

Will I be charged a higher rate if I call from my mobile phone?

Mobile operators (eg. Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile) may charge a surcharge for accessing our services as they would for any NGN Service. You will have to check your individual or corporate price plan with your mobile operator to confirm if there are surcharges to consider. - Providing comparison between cheapest international call carriers from UK
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