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Cheap International Phone Calls to South Africa mobiles

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We'll show you the way to make cheap international calls from UK. You dont need to open an account, you dont need to register or give any of your details. Just dial access number and your international phone call destination number.

Dial code for international phone call to South Africa is: + 27

for cheapest call charges to South Africa  landlines click here

How to make cheap international calls from your landline

using call-through companies listed:
1. Dial low cost access number for the South Africa mobile destination (cheap call rate)
2. At the prompt dial the international phone number starting with "00" and destination number (your international destination telephnone number).
3. Your international call's low rate will then be conveniently charged to your current phone bill.
For example to make a call to South Africa: dial chosen company's telephone number, wait for connection, dial you international telephone number 0027 123 456789

Access Number Rate p/min Website
south africa,mobile  EasyCall 0871 801 7760 7p EasyCall
south africa mobile  CheapCall 0871 605 2151 6p CheapCall
south africa mobile  FairCall 0871 919 0006 10p FairCall
south africa-mobiles  PlanetNumbers 0872 548 2211 6p PlanetNumbers
south africa,mobile  JustDial 0871 801 7241 7p JustDial

Cheap calls from your mobile to South Africa mobile.


Use mobile phone to make cheap pre-paid international calls at a low prices! Choose your destination below to check countries you can call, the cheap prices per minute and how many minutes you would get for £5.00 top up.

To buy credit simply text GIVEME to 88077 & you will receive £5.00 credit to make cheap international calls from your mobile and an 0207 access number to dial from your mobile phone. You will be charged £5.00 plus your standard text charge & your account will be credited with the full £5.00 credit to make cheap international calls using our 0207 number.

To use your credit to make cheap international calls from mobile simply dial:
0207 number sent to you . Wait for the operator prompt, then dial your international destination number and don't press 'call' after dialling your destination

Cost of calls to the 0207 number can be used as part of your mobile inclusive minutes or will be charged at your standard mobile rate to a landline.

NO pins to enter!   |   No registration!   
   Great cheap Rates!   |   Available now!

* Get bill payer’s permission before using the service
* The text message ‘request’ you send will be charged at standard network rates by your provider
* This service operates an auto top-up. You may opt out at anytime by sending ‘STOP’ to 88077
* Calls to the 0207 access number is billed by your provider at the standard rate or included in your free minutes
* 3p per minute surcharge for 0800 access
* 25p/min surcharge on BT payphones
* A connection charge equal to the outbound rate is applied to each call
* Any questions just call customer care on: 0800 036 0066 or 0207 195 2875



As you can see using call through low-cost access numbers to make cheap international phone calls you can save incredible amounts on your phone bill. Without registration, credit cards or pre-payment. Don't need pin in comparison with a phone card. Compare call-through company's cheap phone rates with other telecom providers and start saving! If your telephone line is from BT you can confirm how much BT charges for these low cost access numbers by clicking here and then compare how much BT charges for international calls by clicking here. Huge savings for international calls, now you can make cheap telephone calls to South Africa and pay much less on your phone bill! We do not endorse or recommend any specific companies or services, we just offer comparison between cheap international telephone companies for you. Visit provided links to cheapest phone companies to find lates deals on how to make low rate international telephone calls.


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