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Cheap International Calls provides you with a complete, comprehensive and most of all easy to use guide to the cheapest international phone call prices offered by call-through telecom service providers to all countries around the world from the UK. Compare phone call prices to countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and more.

Why pay loads of money to big telecom companies such as BT and NTL just because your calls are international. We've done the looking around, all you have to do is take advantage of our hard work and the cheapest international call prices available today. We compare cheapest phone call rates from Telestunt, telediscount, ratebuster, dialaround, dialwise, pannyphone and other call-through companies who beat major telecom companies and provide the cheapest international calls from UK.

Different phone companies specialise in a different types of international calls, which means that the cheap long distance call plan that works for one country won't necessarily work for another. Most call-through telecom companies charge different telephone call prices at different times of day for local and national calls while others offer really cheap international phone calls from as little as 1p or 2p per minute.

Don't just rely on the international call price you found last week as these prices often change on a daily basis.

We do not sell, encourage you to use or represent any of these cheap international call companies, we want just to help you with information on telecom providers who provides cheap international calls from UK.

Using dial through low-cost access numbers to make international and long distance calls you can save incredible amounts on your phone bill. Without registration, credit cards or pre-payment. Compare dial through company's rates with other telecom providers and you'll be saving! Confirm how much BT charges for these low cost access numbers by clicking here and then compare how much BT charges for international calls by clicking here.

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